I’ve been a professional musician for over 35 years with extensive experience in teaching and performance. 

I am a friendly and patient teacher and keep the learning environment relaxed and enjoyable.  I like to focus on the

practical application of drumming so that the skills learned would easily transfer to working within the context of a

group (IE a band!)

The areas that all pupils cover are rudiments, rhythms, and reading.  I like to leave reading music to the latter stages

of development as most pupils derive the greatest pleasure from actually playing the drums.  That said, if a pupil

wants to learn reading at an early stage, that can readily be accommodated.

Beginners or advanced students are equally  welcome

The drum studio is based in Wallasey

If you would like to book a drum lesson or even ask me some questions  then please call Clive on

0785 32 88809

or email


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